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Vine Stake Monogram Steel Sign

Vine Stake Monogram Steel Sign

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Enchant Your Outdoor Space with Customizable Metal Art Monogram Stakes - Made in the USA!

Transform your garden or yard into a personalized haven with our exquisite Metal Art Monogram Stakes. Crafted with passion and precision, these stakes are more than just decorations; they reflect your unique style and love for your outdoor space. Durable and Elegant Design: Each stake is meticulously made from high-quality 16 gauge steel, ensuring both durability and elegance. The robust material guarantees longevity, allowing these art pieces to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their beauty over time.

Customization at Its Finest

  • Perfect Size for Every Space: Whether you have a cozy little garden nook or a sprawling yard, this 18" sign is perfect for it.
  • Vibrant Color Options: Personalize your stake with one of our five stunning color options. Each piece is powder-coated for a sleek, weather-resistant finish that adds color and charm to your garden. Available in black, Copper, Gold, Silver, or White.
  • Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Our Metal Art Monogram Stakes are not limited to decorative purposes. Use them to mark your cherished plant beds, create a pathway, or add an artistic touch to any corner of your garden.
  • Easy Installation: Installing these stakes is a breeze. Their design ensures they can be easily placed and secured into the ground, offering stability and ease of movement if you decide to change their location.
  • Perfect Gift for Garden Lovers: Looking for a unique gift? Our customizable garden stakes are a thoughtful and beautiful choice for the garden enthusiasts in your life.

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with our Metal Art Monogram Stakes. Their blend of durability, elegance, and personalization will make them a delightful addition to any garden or yard.

  • 16 gauge mild steel. Powder-coated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • This item does not come with mounting hardware.

Product Dimensions (inch):

  • 12 - 11.5" x 7.5"
  • 15 - 14.5" x 9.5"
  • 18 - 17.5" x 11.5"
  • 24 - 23.5" x 15.25"
  • 30 - 29.5" x 19.25"
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