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Gramp's BBQ Plate

Gramp's BBQ Plate

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Gramps BBQ Plate

Elevate Grandpa's grilling game with our Gramps BBQ Plate, the perfect accessory for the King of the Grill to serve his masterful creations. This 10" dinner plate is not just about looks; it's manufactured from revolutionary ThermoSāf® Polymer, ensuring durability and safety for all his BBQ needs.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from ThermoSāf® Polymer, this plate is designed to withstand the demands of grilling and serving.
  • Microwave Safe: Easily heat leftovers or keep food warm without worry.
  • Oven Safe: Safe for use in both convection and conventional ovens up to 300°F for 60 minutes.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Effortlessly clean in both commercial and residential dishwashers.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: BPA-free contains no melamine or formaldehyde, ensuring safe food contact.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly manufactured in the United States, supporting local craftsmanship and quality.

Why Dad Will Love It:

  • Perfect for Grilling: Ideal for serving his famous burgers and brats, making him the star of every BBQ.
  • Stylish & Functional: Combines a fun, personalized design with practical features for everyday use.
  • Easy to Clean: Dishwasher-safe for quick and hassle-free cleanup after a great grilling session.
  • High-Temperature Resistant: It can handle heat, making it versatile for serving and reheating.

Ideal For:

  • Father’s Day: A thoughtful and practical gift for the Dad or Grandpa who loves to grill.
  • Summer BBQs: Enhance your outdoor gatherings with a plate celebrating his grilling prowess.
  • Everyday Use: Durable and stylish for daily meals, from breakfast to dinner.

Care Instructions:

  • Microwave safe for convenient reheating.
  • Oven safe up to 300°F for no longer than 60 minutes.
  • Dishwasher safe for both commercial and residential machines.
  • Do not expose to open flame or direct stovetop use.

Celebrate his culinary skills and make every BBQ a memorable feast with our Gramps BBQ Plate.

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